How to make a Paper Box

Origami has a language. Its base consists of some symbols and base forms. If you can remember them, you’ll start to create a lot of beautiful projects with paper. It means that most of origami models go one after another.

This video lesson tells how to make a box. This handcraft is exactly created from one of the base forms. It is called “a double square”.

A readymade box can be used as a container for keeping or storing different and useful things.

If you want to do the box, prepare one square piece of paper. The paper’s color may be different: white, blue, green, orange and, of course, choose the size yourself. The box’s size depends on its usage.

Use the video description below this text to create this handcraft.

Origami offers a lot of different boxes. They may be with a cover or without it. The next video lesson shows how to get a universal thing from an interesting paper cube.

Автор: Olya Russ   
Дата: 2013-02-22   

Good luck!!!

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